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Eric Fong

soc218 - vietnamese - saigon is the capital city of south vietnam - renamed it after war, became fuchimin city. - 1975: the fall of saigon - panic efforts to leave the country - refugee wave, sea, air, land escape. - difficult trip, pirates, shortage of food, no modern technology to aid their direction. - south vietnam fell to north vietnam troops - saigon city is renamed. - US government had a little help with their escape - immigration waves - first wave: 1950s and early 1960s - canada, due to humanitarian reasons accept vietnamese immigrants. - long process of acceptance, had to look through list of names in every refugee camp. - but not all are directly from vietnam, some from other asia countries (refugee camps) as they have first fled to that country before canada. - first wave - most of immigrants are students (quebec), montreal, as they have affiliation with french language as vietnam was a colony of france previously. - second wave 1978-1992 - boat people - entered canada in montreal, toronto, calgary, edmonton, vancouver - professional, bureaucrat, military related, educated background, slightly wealthy, members of the catholic church - why people leave? - internal reasons - terror and imprisonment, fearful that their properties will be taken away, personal safety is insecure - collective land policy is belonged to government, no individuals anymore, land is taken away. communist government wanted to build a model economy. - rural area works, many south vietnamese were force to work there, bad conditions. - external - after fall of saigon, and US lost the war, major consequence to american foreign policy. - US have a trade embargo imposed on vietnam after the war. - not allow trade with them. - very difficult for new vietnamese government to rebuild after the war, hence have a very poor economy. - there is drought, shortage of food. life is miserable. - pushing people to leave the country. - believes moving away are more beneficials than staying. - characteristics of vietnamese refugees - sub ethnic groups - included vietnamese, viet-chinese. have a more diverse ethnic background. - as there were migration among people within asia. - acceptance in canada, canada has the responsibility to help refugees to find their other family members. - as refugees first enter canada, they enter small towns and refugee camps, eventually moving to the larger cities. - most of the boat people, compose of 2 major ethnic groups - chinese vietnamese, and pure vietnamese - the first wave are mostly with chinese background
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