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Eric Fong

SOC218 lec 4 #korean canadians in canada - first contact of Koreans with canada was at the end of the Choson (yi dynasty) period - missionaries relationship - all of them were not perminent residents - number was very small - first korean settled in toronto in 1948 - mission-sponsored students - those who stayed and return back to canada became institutional leadership in the community. - they decided to stay due to changes made to policies in canada - informal relationship: missionary work - after 1960s - 1963, korea opened a mission in ottawa - 1973, canadian embassy opened in seoul - due to this formalized relationship between the 2 countries catalyzed the influx of christian koreans into canada. - though, numbers were limited - students ->permanent resident status - work permit -> immigrants - 1970s there was a change of immigration law - really changed the dynamic of immigration flow ← - most of the koreans settle in ontario, toronto. - particularly, the age groups of koreans are quite young, as most immigrants who enter canada were in their early adulthood. - at home, 80+% speaks korean - at work 80+% speaks english - indicating that they work in a integrated canadian market environment - average total income is much lower for koreans than canadians (20000-38000) - but through the use of median calculations, it indicates that there are some ko- reans who have good jobs and good pay. ← - characteristics of recent immigrants - urban background, as they were mostly middle class - high level of education, middle class - professional - language barrier, not much as they were middle class who are educated - christian church: important role in korean community. - there is high rate of entrepreneurship
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