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SOC218H1 Lecture Notes - Korean Canadians, House Of Yi, Glass Ceiling

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Eric Fong

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SOC218 lec 4
#korean canadians in canada
-first contact of Koreans with canada was at the end of the Choson (yi dynasty) period
-missionaries relationship
-all of them were not perminent residents
-number was very small
-first korean settled in toronto in 1948
-mission-sponsored students
-those who stayed and return back to canada became institutional leadership in
the community.
-they decided to stay due to changes made to policies in canada
-informal relationship: missionary work
-after 1960s
-1963, korea opened a mission in ottawa
-1973, canadian embassy opened in seoul
-due to this formalized relationship between the 2 countries catalyzed the
influx of christian koreans into canada.
-though, numbers were limited
-students ->permanent resident status
-work permit -> immigrants
-1970s there was a change of immigration law
-really changed the dynamic of immigration flow
-most of the koreans settle in ontario, toronto.
-particularly, the age groups of koreans are quite young, as most immigrants
who enter canada were in their early adulthood.
-at home, 80+% speaks korean
-at work 80+% speaks english
-indicating that they work in a integrated canadian market environment
-average total income is much lower for koreans than canadians (20000-38000)
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