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Week 3 - Hauser, Robert M Reading Study Notes Socioeconomic status • Typically used as a shorthand expression for variables that characterize the placement of persons, families, households, census tracts or other aggregates with respect to the capacity to create or consume goods that are value to society. • Can be indicated by educational attainment, occupational standing, social class, income, wealth and such tangible possessions (home, cars, etc.). • One methodology used to measure socioeconomic status over the years is occupations o This has its advantages because current as well as past occupations can be determined reliably. Labour Market • Has become universal among adult women and men. • Job-holding is the most important social and economic role held by most adults outside of their immediate family or household o Also tells us about the technical and social skills that we bring to the labor market. • Once we have a good job description, it is possible to map jobs into a multitude of classifications, scales and measures, which can provide more information about economic standing • Measurement of jobs and occupations does not entail the same problems of refusal, recall, reliability and stability as occurs in the measurement of income or wealth o Even if we are limited to retrospective questions, we can confidently trace occupational trajectories across the adult years • Jobs are a specific and sometimes unique bundle of activities carried out by a person in the expectation of economic remuneration, but occupation is an abstract category used to group and classify jobs Wright’s neo-Marxian
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