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Lecture 05

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University of Toronto St. George
Lesley Kenny

SocinequalLec 5Oct 122011Last weekFoucaults idea that power doesnt nec operate in obvious wayspower of classifyingBourdieus concepts of habitussocialcultural capitalcritiquesCritical race theoryweve become desensitized to everday racismcolour blind theory Todays Lecturereview from last weekchicago sc hool of political economyfirst nations ppl in Canadainfo review next weeks testLast Week ReviewFoucaultpowerpower is everywhere and nowhere and that power happens in these microprocesses the little stuff we dont nec see counts versus the marxist ideas v diff ex how we classify things abortionppl have opinions of it and each side tries to outclever other side by choosing words to name their sides prochoiceprolife etcgiven two choices to classify yourself underBourdieu on habitus how we take outside social world and how we absorb social world and make it a living structure in us looking at things in individual scale ex shown in how one stands physical demanour how you dress ex where a person would stand in relation to prof and podium after class relation to authorityhow you are carrying around all these things about yourself Bourdieu onsocial capital ppl you know cultural capital how much you know about the culture you are in critique what is diff about social capital and cultural capital is classnot really who you know but knowing the right ppl know ppl that count two middle class bears with baby named hugo they will reproduce inequal youtubextranormal text to normaleven though they are teddy bears if they were humans they would be white talking about how they can get their kid to get ahead based on connections they have schools they can get into etcCritical Race Theorydiffers from other ways to study race is that it sees race as subtle insidious thing argue that we got a certain distance with civil rights but we didnt get too far bc is not equal representation of various types of ppl in politicsetc kind of foucauldian looks more at these micro agressionsthings that are harder to nail as racistThe Postblack Condition Toure from NYT bk review by Orlando Patterson Sept 222011post black identity we learn resides in the need to live with and transcend new and subtle but pervasive forms of racism post black does not mean postracialthis new racism is invisible and unknowable always lurking in the shadows the secret decisions of white resulting in lose opportunities blacks never knew about or even thought possibletheres a sense of malevolent ghosts darting around you screwing with you often out of sight but never out of mindMy oh come on gimme a break theory not tested on thisI argue it has become fashionable to poopoo accusations of racism like oh come on were past that or oh come on gimme a break I was just kddingcould also be referring to issues of race gender class and so onHow does this workex in convo and someone brings up social injustice based on genderraceclass etc and someone says give me a break serves to shut down a conversation causes to break down againhalts intellectual conversation meant to inform the original speaker that she is the one who isnt with itsmooths over actual inequalities like that happy conclusion from StatsCan survey on the experience of vis minorities in Canada
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