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SOC243 Lecture 5

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University of Toronto St. George
William Magee

SOC243 Lecture 5 10/15/2012 Social Structure, Social Position and Health: Marie-Pier Joly 26 Q (1.5 each) First two weeks 6-7 questions Every week after that 6-7 More of lectures, Denton & Freud Gender is health inequality [email protected] Inequalities in health - Risk factors, social conditions and fundamental cause of disease SES and health inequality - Exploring the direction of the relationship - Understanding the persistence of the relationship between SES and health - SES gender and health, race and heath - Place and health inequality - Gender differences in heath - Racial differences in health - Brief suggestions of some policies, and interventions to address health and inequalities Epidemiological studies, risk factors and health - Concerned with the identification of risk factors for disease - Emerging as a new time the 1960s, risk factors have been identified to be associated with multiple health outcome o becoming more chronic - Risk factors o Biomedical, environmental, psychosocial, behavioral Going beyond risk factors to understand health inequality - link and phelan have demonstrated their concern about the considerable emphasis being given on proximal risk factors o Need to examine social conditions as cause of diseases o Gender, race, socioeconomic status - Social conditions are important to identify risks factors - 1. Contextualize individually-based risk factors - 2. Understand social conditions not simply as cause of disease, but also as fundamental cause of diseases Social Conditions as Fundamental Causes of Disease - Fundamental causes have four features Fundamental causes of disease and the role of resources - Individual and contextual level The association of fundamental cause and disease over time, via new mechanisms - Socioeconomic difference in health - Health status explains socioeconomic status - Educational achievement is a important determinant for health and SES - Health and SES w
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