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Lecture 1

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University of Toronto St. George
Markus Schafer

Sociology of Aging Class Notes Winter 2012 Class 1 This semester can basically be boiled down to two interrelated concepts individual aging and population agingAging starts in the very beginning Human aginghow society respond to aging having older people How the process of aging itself is by agingI Key questions Through human existencepiece of art center around issue of aging Old age associated with sadness RenaissanceAristotle youth hot and moist but old age cold Aging potential for wisdom th19 century capture older people in diff life positionunequal aspect of aging contemporary time Toronto made history 100 yo man ran a marathon For a lot of people being a inspiration Aging being a protest in entertainment industry getting less job or jobs as witches and otheraging stereotype What are the serious problems that older adults face USA study Is it a problem for them or other older people question being ask that way For others health fear of crime not having enough money to live and loneliness being more than self 32 mins lecture What is agingAging is the correspondence to time undergoing an existence At the most basic level a correspondence with time Age the length of time a being exists Is there a change systematically related to that process Change and diff between peopleDoes the passage of time going by causes anything to happena complicated question not really a straightforward answer Whether time cause systemscientific searching on this Is age important
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