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Lecture 2

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Markus Schafer

Sociology of Aging Class Notes Fall 2011 Class 2 Today we will survey some of the key theories and concepts in the sociological study of agingResearcher faked data prolonging aging Skin on grapes contains lots of good concerning aging Played with the data to get better result Medicalize view ofaging in societyfinding in a agent Emphasis on the basis on bio Aging as a kind of diseaseaging something to be concealed or curedWhats a TheoryThe idea of theory has an important place in social science tool to explain phenomena how concept are related to one another to explain phenomena Help to explain and clarify Relevant concept make sense of the world What drives theories are puzzles or problems 2 basic types of puzzles of theory 1 First concern was the issue of social integration what are the consequence of people not integrating in society Sociologist interesting in integration is Durkheimsocial integration his driven concern 2 Other puzzle issue of how opportunity in life power prestige and power arent distributing equally in society Marx and Weber were interested in social stratification problem of what is it of peoples inequality and what has to be done in the societypuzzle of social integration andsocial stratification address issue in society such as agingI Influential theoriesTheories are a tool for explaining phenomena They clarify relevant concepts and explain how the concepts are related to one anotherFrom the beginning of sociology two main puzzles that the field sought to understand were the issues of a integrationhow society holds together and the consequences of not being tied to othersand b stratificationhow and why some people have more power prestige or status than othersThese two concerns are reflected within influential theories on the sociology of aging Problem 1 social integration 1
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