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SOC246 Class 4

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Markus Schafer

Class 4Shift from low mortality to low fertilityVietnam1950 most people who are dependent are in the young category20502075 emergence of the old as the dependents MigrationWhat influences does immigration have on age structuresTypical patter younger only in the short runImmigration can make a population younger longterm ifThere is an everincreasing flow of immigrantsFertility is higher among immigrants Large proportion of immigrants that come into Canada are below the median age young people entering populationFertility pattern of immigrants tend to converge with population after 1 or 2 generation ViennaVery little immigration after the war1990s large influx of immigrantsPopulation suddenly increased with young people no change to fertility rate2000 UN report Replacement Migration Is it a Solution to Declining and Ageing PopulationsNo you cant revive population by changing immigration policy rd If were trying to keep working age stable through immigration and end up with over a 3of people by 2050 would be immigrants and descendents of immigrationsConclusions and general considerations1Population aging primarily due to mortality decline
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