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Markus Schafer

Sociology of Aging Winter 2012 Week 7 Class Notes Aging and FamiliesIIntroductionAging and Families The family as a fundamental social institution influences daily life and life chances through the life courseMcPherson and Wister 2008 pg 263 Aging as a Social Process What way is this an accurate and safe statement when opening a sentence Economic meanssocial class influence childrenupcoming Linked lives perspective people are connecting with one another and it influence their life trajectorypeople transitions influence on others Way sentence can be about 1 socialization and care in early life 2 coordinating care in later lifeproblems happen to parents can happen of taking care of older 3 a context for many life transition turning points a routine in to a family context becoming a parent Why Families are unique as social institutions in that they are fundamentally ageintegrative Families are age integrating institutions idea of producing and raising upspring linked together and there are multiple generations of people How do we define a family There is a distinction between composition VS function Defining family is a notoriously tricky task compositional definitions Narrow type of definition Legal system and change over time legal codes change over time eg Canada censuswho composes the family The important point is that change overtimesame sex parents recent eg The Canada census definition of family
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