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Markus Schafer

Sociology of AgingWeek 8 Class Notes Work Employment and RetirementSexuality and aging one of test Question of men partnered are sexually active 80 across the board high rate of partnershipmore man 576470 sexually active7584 60 had sex in the past 12 monthswomenpartnership drops off in bothsexually behaviour tends to drop off greater as they age 758420 sexually active and50 IntroductionEmployment is a central life course experience that connects our lives to a complex modern economy Here are some of the key ideas we will discussBasic concepts and models describing aging employment and the life courseWhat are some of the challenges faced by older workersRetirementI Key conceptsEmployment vs workWork can include productive activity that is not included under formal employment1950 people who are more educated have longer period of employment and a shorter retirement periodCurrent Longer retirement because people exit the workforce earlier They retire earlier because of pensions plans availableAnd we can also see a trend of Woman vs Men in the career line idea
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