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Markus Schafer

LAST LECTURE CONTChallenges that older workers face virtue of complexity in the labour forceThere is a lot of age prejudice and a lot of complexitiesSpecific jobs that plays out with agingHow people performance and productivity change over timeorganisation sociologyTable Age and expected job productivityBasis jobs skill Performance Example of jobs Expected decline with ageimproves with ageskillsrelationship between age and productivityyesyescarpenteryesnoAir traffic controlnoyesJudgenonoNegative older worker less productivePositive older worker more productiveThe model predicts that the two middle cases cancel out across different age there is this flat line tendencyPeople accumulate info better as they ageModel predict changeyesno or noyescancel outno effectBasic age skills decline as we agePerformance improves with ageMany types of jobs require many types of skills some skills do improve with age but others dontHow age of surgeon related to performanceexperience We want to know if performance decrease overtime Low age low performance The experience being meaningfulHowever in the graph we see a drop off around the age of 50 So experience was important with productivity early age but skills seem to drops off over the years ex quick decision making Job skills decline How age is associated with performanceIV RetirementSeveral ideas often used interchangeablyaA event or ceremony marking departure from a particular jobbA phase of the occupational life cyclecA process of separation from employmentdA social roleFocus on the middle two definition a phase of the occupational life cycle end final transition being out of the labour forcea process of separation from employment not a binary state but a process happen overtime and separationWell focus on b and cHow to measure it Researchers often use different criteriaaReceiving a pensionbTotal cessation of employmentcompensationcDeparture from the major job or career of adulthoodnot living work entirely having a side work dSignificant reduction in hours of employmentfrom 40 hours to 35 hoursRetirement being a blurred concept different complex trajectory and process in peoples life
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