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Lecture 9

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Markus Schafer

SOC246Lecture 9 Age and Expected Job Productivitypeople are expected to o have no change age decline is offset by experience skilled manual work ex carpenter o decline older workers are less productive rapid processing of new information ex air traffic controller o increase older workers are more productive making decisions based on knowledge ex judge o no change age and experience are not very important activities that depend on personality or social skills ex hostthere can also be nonlinear relationships between performance and basic job skills o could be curveex thyroid surgeon productivity is seen to rise from 3040 years stable from 4055 years decreases from 5563 yearsreguires quick decisions get more used to decisions as ageyet these quick decisions become harder as people ageupside down U shape curveRetirementSeveral ideas often interchangeably o A event or ceremony marking departure from a particular job o A phase of the occupational life cycle o A process of separation from employment o A social role How to measure retirement o Receiving a pension o Total cessation of employment o Departure from the major job or career of adulthoodCan still have side work o Significant reduction in hours of employment Alternative Patterns of retirement o 1 complete ceassation of work o 2 stages stepdown slowly mostly favoured o 3 stges of working and stopping forced retirement and then go back to comparable job o 4 people forced to retire then decide to go back to work with smaller job
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