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nursing home vid soc246

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how did the theories play out in the video? -> almost home - nursing home - resident don’t know how to use the elevator - weren’t given choices, the freedom they should have - the current system is wrong, disengages them from the society - how to change it? how to make people wish to stay there - no uniforms - they get to choose when they get up, eat, etc. - activities are coordinated - stop the medical cart, less hospital-like - hence putting meds in their bathroom - however, there are no emotional needs - contradiction as some people, just keep sleeping if they’re permitted with the freedom. they don’t have anything to wake up to. - residents are never in their room. - family members don’t provide as much emotional needs as the elderly expect, they rather focus on their own children as their first priority. - it is a foreign environment, because their family members aren’t there. - greatest wish of one of the residents is to wake up dead - residents chose to go to nursing home, as they don’t want to be a burden on their family members. - suggests that the current nursing home is for elderly wit
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