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notes for week 11

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Week 11 Week 11: Social policy
1.Pension again
Families are getting smaller/ herder to care for the old age/ if you have money you hire
private care givers if you want better care and higher quality of life in old age you
need $$$
In 1927 the first old age pension/ in 1952 OAS program was a corner stone for pension
system in Canada
Child care is not beneficial for women and their pension (if they care for the child they
are out of the working force and not getting money for pension this also works the other
way around, when adults care for their old age parents, it can keep them out of the work
Some proposal suggest to cut back on profits, raise retirement age and use tax to fund
2.Other government support for the elderly
Medicare on LHINS not doing a great job
How much should the system support/ people should change their expectations
If we get into a private sphere for elder care, there is going to be more competition, it
give people choice but leads to low quality care
Debate of private against public care: reduce wait list/ concentrate on patient/ give them
Can be looked at from different levels: dysfunction of the health system/ over
medication/ patient abuse in nursery homes/ most is subtle and psychological/ spousal
abuse, humiliation
Usually elders suffer multiple kinds of abuse.... but this may vary across cultures.
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