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notes for w7/8

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William Magee

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Week 7: historical and cultural perspectives
1.Link between social relation and modes of production and resources
Fit materialist explanation (historical materialism
Varies with modes of production (hunting/ agricultural, pre-industrial) and the form of
production is related to other things (politics)
Inheritances tends to disadvantage women historically
An old British tradition was to take old people in their homes as a boarder (localities
have to take responsibility of the elderly
With industrialisation there is a decline of skilled craft labour, all of this was pre-
pension state
As one gages= difficulties to keep up and become a disability
Modernization theory: historical changes are leading to good things
There is a paradox when we apply Marxism and modernization theory to the elders. The
golden age has variation across cultures
Individualism thesis: pressure towards self interest and maximize opportunities. The
living arrangements changed also... with higher urbanization we see a higher number of
people living together.
Week 8: Life course
1.The life course framework
Every story if different (the pathways are all different)/ different frameworks that
emphasize different things they influence the transitions which influence other
Some transition require decision or happen on the way of making another transition
Agency/ structure: to what extend are we in control off our choices how people shape
opportunities there seems to be more uncertainty and risk (in work, careers, marriage,
money... some of the risk is allocated by socio-economic structure), if you go against what
is expected you are labelled as deviant - Social change among age is gradual
Age norms: what is expected of you/ social clock orders norms (these days there doesnt
seem to be much pressure to follow the social clock/ the structure of the life course is
changing and is becoming disorderly (some patterns start to dissolve)
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