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Feb 28

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William Magee

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SOC246 Y1 Y Feb 28 2011 Week 7 i. Older people in Pro- Modern and Pre- Industrial Societies - As people age, their ability to work declines, therefore there resources decline - Older people who could not work were encouraged to make decisions to leave the societies - Sometimes the group would withdraw support and abandoned them - Materialist explanation^^ o Resources dictate the position of the elderly societies AgriculturalPre-industrial Societies - 2[Z} ]]ZZLZ ]}L}L]}L-states and laws around inheritance o Eg. Land - Z]KL]Z}ZZ]oZ}2ZZLZK]ZZ]}L}}}}L[ZZ]ZJ ex. Primogeniture (the oldest son gets everything) - The text notes that in cases of primogeniture the parents still get a house on the side of something - In BritishNorth American societies J wills and inheritance disenfranchised women o ^ }L}o}KZ2_ o Applies in Canada up through the 1850s - What happens to the elderly
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