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Max Weber

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Joseph Bryant

SOC250Y1 December 1 2010 LectureMax Weber 18641920The Historical Sociology of the World ReligionsThe historicalsociological tension Weber New religious movements typically begin in a sectarian mode of heroic or virtuoso religiosity and zeal but to become a powerful or stable social presence they must win over those less disposed to such intense religiosity ie they must compromise on the high principles and virtuoso standards to permit a mass or popular followingTHE MAKING OF OTHODOXY ie what is the true message the true teachings the requirements etcSo a protracted struggle overSects more of challenges driven by higher needs of spirituality early members enthusiastic about living a more intense way but the difficulty for sects is that they seem to be more designed for the sprint rather than the marathon they can get going bring in members live intense spiritual life but if they stay with the basic high demands characteristic of sects they will remain small again because most people do not want to live spiritual modes of existence 247Successful sects thus move in the direction of becoming churchesThis sets the stage for a new upsurge of sect formationThe successful again become churches Weber sees a general cyclical pattern passing from tradition to a charismatic upsurge of rigor enthusiasm zeal which eventually leads to a new tradition opening space for new charismaMore church like mass religious orientationsect becomes too corrupt Too softassumed to happen to sects with time which means they will challenge authoritiesCase study of early ChristianityCHRISTIANITY3 important movements 1 Originates as a Sectarian reform movement within Judaism 2 Develops into a new conversionistsalvationist cult religion 3 Eventually achieving imperial church status Cult because focus on central figure Jesus followers would have to submit During first 300 years of this movement it operated in conversionist Salvationist form and Christianity was an illegal religion thus membership could cost your life
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