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Joseph Bryant

LECTURE 9: -ASPECTS OF PRIMALABORIGNAL RELIGION a synthesis: what can be inferred from prehistory (archeology, linguistics, etc.) and the ethnographic study of contemporary preliterate societies. we find: 1) belief in supernatural powersforces--->religions of gods and goddesses 2)belief in soulsspirits---> ancestor cults both are systematized and expressed in Myth and Ritual. societies without the State are typically organized by Kinship: family lineages or blod lines- descent form a common ancestor,in clans, tribes... in ancestor cults or worship, the dead remain involved with the living as official guardians of the social order and its moral codes- ritual specialits appeal to the ancestoral spirits to give ruling settle disputes,etc. example: the hunting and gathering Veddas of Ceylon Srilanka shamans call upon and incarnate the yaku or ancestors, they speak through his guttural groans. analysis shows that approvaldisapproval is based upon compliance witht he groups moral code (recall Kritias & social control) ancestors are believes to control fertility, the hunt and farming, weather, health and illness, etc. why would the ancestor spirits become so imp. int he kinshiplineage based societies? -ina state where you have a centralized authority who is the guardian of the social system? who has the power to regulate? punish etc? -itll be the political figure head of the state itself thats what makes it a state. -emperors kings pharoahs claim this political superiority they have armies, guards, laws etc. -when there are social needs for coordinationa nd alike the state provides that but witht he absence of the state the ancestor spirits function as a neutral judge, they are seen as having the interests of the whole group at heart. -the ancestor spirits are regularly consulted. -the advice of the ancestor spirits are desgined to bring back harmony and orderdiffuse tensions.if there isa dispute bw 2 diff. families, ancestor spirits are involved, the sacred authority(ancestors) will settle that. -misfortunes are interpreted as occuring in consequence of breaches in the moral order. the ancestor spirits- communicating through the ritual mediums-- are thus CENSORS
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