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University of Toronto St. George
Joseph Bryant

The Decian Persecution Imperial edict demands universal sacrifices to the gods leads to widespread apostasy in the Christian churches across the empire (the reason why the empire is going down is because the empire has lost its way religiously, ie: sacrifices to the gods. The Romans regarded their empire as a gift from god. When a society goes under stress and trouble, they think that these things are brought about because they have lost tradition. Decian believes this and starts to build more temples.. and sends a message all other habitants of the empire must make sacrifices to the gods and get a certificate that they have done this. How do you think the Christian members of the Roman empire handled this? They thought that this was an offence, idolatry. Christians were called upon to say that they were followers of Christ, they were not supposed to hide it. * they made a distinction: the ones that we not hard core followers were more likely to break ( the state is trying to get them to ban christianity; a superstition) they were regarded as disloyal for not following the Roman Gods. The non christian population, whenever a disaster struck they thought the Christians were responsible. majority of christians went down to the temples and made sacrifices, and those whom had money bribed the officials for a certificate. Decian then died in battle, the persecutions then started to die out. The heat came off the christians because they had more problems with the empire( who will rule), the christians that gave into the roman empire came running back begging for forgiveness. Then the Catholics ( claiming to be the true christians) began to forgive the sins of idolatry. This triggered, a separation of two groups. the followers of hippolytus did not want to go along with them because they should not forgive that sin. Within the roman community themselves Novatian is selected.
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