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Lecture 13

Lecture 13 notes

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Joseph Bryant

SOC250 #13 The imposter (Callistus) ... established a school in antagonism to the teachings of the church. He was the first to think up a way of colluding with the sinful pleasures of men, saying to all that he himself would remit their sins... And those hearing him, overjoyed with his tenets, continue deluding themselves and many others, and crowds stream into his school. So his followers multiply, and they exult in throngs attending for the sake of pleasures that Christ did not permit. For in contempt of him they forbid no kind of sin alleging that Christ will remit the offenses they have approved of The Decian Persecution (249 51) Imperial edict demands universal sacrifices to the gods leads to widespread apostasy in the Christian churches across the empire Emperor believed the reason empire was collapsing was because Rome turned away from traditional religious values and religion. Were initially very religious believed that gods gave them their imperial power. When undergoing turmoil attempt to revive tradition. Tried to
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