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Lecture 12

Lecture 12 notes

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Joseph Bryant

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Lecture 12 SOC250
...Converts were said to be awakened and reborn, a transformative redemption that
secured an immediate bestowal or charis or grace and the promise of eternal salvation.
Spiritual rebirth was achieved through Baptism, a sacred ceremonial that functioned as a
ritual of initiation, rite or purification (washing away all prior sins), also also as a means of
spiritual reconstitution, empowerment.
Miraculously restored to purity the ‘washing of regeneration’’ (loutrou palingenesias), the
believer is infused with the Holy Spirit of God, a gift or endowment that constitutes not only
a pledge of future deliverance from death’’, but also an instalment of grace and power that
enables the Christian to live in the newness of a spiritual life. Through the indwelling
presence of the Holy Spirit, the believer experiences love of God and the attending joys and
power of faith, as expressed in virtuous moral conduct, altruistic solidarity with co-
believers, and in ecstatic manifestations of grace (like speaking in tongues).
As celebrated in the discourse of conversation’’, passage through baptism marked the
transition to a new state of being: from darkness to ligh, from vice to virtue from death to
eternal life
To be pabtised is to be sealed with pureness. Should not commit further sins post-baptism
Forgiveness and Penance:
1.The Gospels present Christ as granting His disciples the charismatic power of
binding and loosing’’ sins;
2.The value of mercy and forgiveness is affirmed in a number of scriptural passages;
3.The traditional Jewish atonement practices of alms-giving, fasting and prayer are
frequently enjoined upon the faithful; and
4.There are several exhortations to open confessions before the assembles
congregation (Gospels of Matt, James)
As to what kinds of sins are to be forgiven, and how often and through whom and by what
means, on these issues there remained considerable uncertainty and dispute i.e. no
penitential system’’ in place
Hardliners, Rigorists: (they insis upon virtuoso standards)
Pauls injunction to expel gross sinners from the community
Some religious authors say No forgiveness for sins after baptism
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