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october 20

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University of Toronto St. George
Joseph Bryant

October 20th 2010 Soc of Religion For essay environment -compare art that looks different -take photographs of the art, where possible -supply photocopies of those pictures with the paper -choose religions with which you have -record your expressions and give reasons for those expressions -compare art from 2 different religions exam format -mostly short definitions -slightly longer mini essay type questions -textbook chapter 1, but therell probably be more from lecture Lecture Emile Durkheim (1858- 1917) -part of the functionalist school -concerned with moral order and deeply anxious over the pathologies of modern societies -Durkheim emphasizes the functional role of religion in providing normative integration, a moral binding, a basis for social solidarity -division of labor creates social disintegration. In societies without division of labor had mechanical solidarity. More modern societies has more separate groups which create more individualism and there was less group feeling. He felt the individual would find it difficult to survive in a society without those totems of social solidarity -Individuals were living more autonomous lives and did not have the support that a more communal society which values group ideas over individual ones would provide -Religion is an interdependent systems of beliefs and practices regarding things which are sacred -he felt the forces of modern life were eroding those necessary aspects (the gods are growing old or already dead, and secularism is on the rise)
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