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November 30, 2011 Lecture

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Joseph Bryant

120326 101 AM Converts were said to be awakened and reborn a transformative redemption that secured and immediate bestowal of charis or grace and the promise of eternal salvationSpiritual rebirth was achieved thru baptism a sacred ceremonial Sealed in purityforgiveness and penance1 the gospels present Christ as granting his disciples the charismatic power of binding and loosing sins 2 the value of mercy and forgiveness is affirmed in a number if scriptural passages 3 the traditional Jewish atonement practices of almsgiving fasting and prayer are frequently enjoined upon the faithful and 4 there are several exhortations to open confessions before the assembled congregationas to what kinds of sins are to be forgiven and how often and through whom and by what means on these issues there remained considerable uncertainty and dispute ie no penitential system in placeHARDLINERS RIGORTIST THEY INSIST UPON VIRTUOS STANDARDSPauls injunction to expel gross sinners from the communityWavering saints the dipsychol and the crisis of postbaptismal sinmaintaining virtuoso standards of purity and holiness became increasingly difficult as the ranks of the faithful were augmented by less zealous converts and as doubts and anxieties were generated by continuing delays in their redeemers anticipated returnie new members waning purity and growing doubt
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