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Lecture november 17 2010

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Joseph Bryant

soc 250 november 17 2010 -the shift from animism to polytheism; the religious sphere became politicized Max Weber (1864-1920) The Historical Sociology of the world religion -he does not treat religion as if it is an autonomous domain-- how religion links up with other aspects of social life -sociologically speaking religion exerts tremendous influence on life regulation. Religion has an important voice in economics, politics, warfare, art, the erotic, education and intellectual life. -weber sought to establish the interconnections between economics, politics, war, religion etc. as these interconnections shift and unfold in the course of shaping and driving human history -starting point: differing levels or degrees of religious intensity interest -there is a kind of continuum virtuoso or heroic religiosity ( a handful of individuals who need high levels of religious engagement to be fulfilled everyday or mass religiosity ( most of the human populations) -you cannot understand religious history without understanding that the small number of virtuoso types are the movers and shakers and then there is the mass religiosity -virtuosos are deeply concerned about the religious realm but the majority of people wanted to spend their life engaged in non spiritual activities -mass religiosity beliefs in: A) magical assistance and ritual or sacramental grace (seek religious aid for worldly relief) B) faith in the redeeming power of a savior god saintly beings or priesthoods ( a transcendent power that can somehow save one from death)-- looking to sacred others to help you along -the religious life of most people revolves around these two central aspects -there is a notion of benefits in this world and the concern over what happens when we die
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