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Lecture 16

Lecture 16 February 9

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Joseph Bryant

SOC250Y1- Lecture 16 February 9, 2011 Notes on the Social Genesis of hell and heaven The appeals of Heaven Pie in the Sky, When you Die? Feuerbach: Heaven is the key to the deepest mysteries of religion As an ideological stabilization mechanism? All is made right in the afterlife, thus tolerating what is wrong in this life? Cf. Marxist critiques: promise of heaven in the sky sanctions hell (exploitation oppression) on the earth the control theory (Kritias) To offer consolation for suffering with the promise of amends or justice in the life to come Afterlife beliefs are regulative for worldly existence; endure poverty, oppression, injustice, inequality, persecution, ascetic renunciation Earth is a different place when it lies between a Heaven and a Hell Is heaven a place? Or a state of mindheart? Chinese proverb: Heaven and Hell are within the heart Jesus the kingdom of God is within you Afte
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