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Lecture 8

SOC 250 Lecture 8

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Joseph Bryant

SOC 250 Lecture 7  Assyrian Law on Rape o If married man rapes a virgin, the father of the virgin shall take the wife of the rapist and giver her to be dishonoured and shall take her o Raped virgin will be given to rapist as spouse  Law on Veiling o Neither wives nor widows nor daughters shall have their heads uncovered o A harlot must not veil herself, her head must be uncovered if she violates this law, they shall flog her fifty times and pour pitch on her head  Feminists emphasize two major points o The major religious traditions of today emerged, historically and culturally, within patriarchal societies. They are thus both complicit with and integral to the maintenance and reproduction of Patriarchy  All traditional religious variously establish an preach the „inferiority‟ of the female  All call for the necessary subjugation/subordination of women to men o As a consequence of Patriarchal arrangements, women are systematically discriminated against in religious life  Female ritual functions are typically domestic rather than public  Females are often physically segregated (time and place) within sites of worship  Females are commonly required to undergo special purifications following menstruation and childbirth  They are typically excluded from official roles and authority positions or consigned to subordinate roles within a religious order or tradition  The primary or dominant deities are typically masculine  Sacred myths and scriptures commonly denigrate or blame females for humanity‟s troubles  A central point on patriarchy is historical o The Mother Goddess thesis: “when god was a woman”  The historic decline of female metaphysical power: from the paleolithic-neolithic “Mother Goddesses” to polytheistic pantheons that elevated male war and storm gods and marginalized female deities  The rise militaristic states and empires c. 3 000 BCE and the growing ascendancy of war/storm gods  But claims of a widespread Mother Goddess period or that “matriarchy” prevailed are now widely rejected by archaeologists and historians o Laws of Manu st  Codified in the 1 century CE=the First King and Sage who saved humanity from the great flood=a sacred law code  It is the very nature of women to corrupt men here on earth  A girl, a young women, or even an old women should not do anything independently, even in the house  In childhood a woman should be under her father‟s control, in youth under her husband, and when her husband is dead, under her son‟s control. She must never seek to live independently  A virtuous woman should constantly serve her husband and submit to all his wills and desires, even if he is bad o Jain scriptures  The world is greatly troubled by women  For men do say :these are the vessels fo happiness”  But this leads to pain, to delusion, to death, to hell  And to birth as hell-beings or as brute beasts o Bible  Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and they conception in sorrow thou shalt bring fort children, and they desire shall be to they husband, and he shall rule over thee o Simone de Beauvoir  Man enjoys the great advantage of having a god endorse the code he writes, and since man exercises a sovereign authority over women it is especially fortunate that this authority has been vested in him and the Supreme Beings. o Men write the texts  Input patriarchal beliefs into the texts  MalleusHexenhammerhammer against witches o A practical manual to combat heresy and witchcraft  Written by two German Dominican monks who served as inquisitors of the Catholic Church, received papal approval, but eventually the Church condemned the book in 1667  Went through numerous editions between 1487 and 1669 and spread widely throughout Europe played a conscious role in the so-called “witch Craze” of this era and the deaths of thousands of women who were burned or drowned or tortured to death  Scholarly estimates 100 000 trials, roughly 15 000 documented executions, with extrapolations ranging from 40 to 100 00 total dead  80% of the accused were female  The Malleus draws
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