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Lecture 7

SOC Lecture 7

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University of Toronto St. George
Joseph Bryant

SOC 250 Lecture 7 Frederick Engels o The Origin of the Family Private Property and the StateCalled this process the historical defeat of the female sex o With settled agriculture populations expandedboth for labour and for war female reproductive capacity had to be controlled to produce heirs workers and soldiers o Settled agriculturethe patriarchal familystate formationsocial stratificationprofessional warfareconquest and enslavement females and children o Male family members increasingly control the sexuality of their females wives and daughters for marriage alliances procreation and domestic labourWomen not attached to domestic patriarchy are public or nonrespectable womenIe the historic rise of prostitution concubinage o The militarized State reinforces the patriarchal family in royal legislation and codes enshrining paternal authoritarianismEg The eldest male has authority over sexuality marriage inheritance behaviour the double standard etc even the right to existence the rise of female infanticide Patriarchy and Religion o Feminist scholars view religion as one of the primary supports for patriarchal dominanc
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