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Bonnie Fox

SOC 265 Lecture 1 - Child x - No gender, really unsettled - What gender means to you, issues around identity and expectation - How gender affects you? - Toronto star (keeping child’s gender secret) - Child storm, not assigning gender to child - Why is gender so important? - How gender has changed and how it looks like today - Discuss: what has changed over time and what does gender look like today - 1. Considering gender differences over time - A) the bad old days- the 1950’s - Clothing styles - Uncomfortable for most women - Age of big hair (uncomfortable) - Sexual expression - Not okay for women outside of marriage - Risked pregnancy and ruining reputation, before contraception, women responsible for contraception - Employment (sex segregation, marriage bars, earnings gap) - Jobs advertised for men or women (sex segregation) - Women limited jobs nurses, teachers etc… - If you got married (white collar) had to quit teaching job (called marriage bar) - Factory jobs did not face marriage bar - Dominate image middle class: women stayed home full time - Women earned 60% of what men earned (earnings gap) - Responsibility for housework and child care - Conventional - Heavy responsibility for men to be responsible for family finances - Emotional display - Men expected to be stoic, not display/ cry in public - The meaning of violence against women - Not seen as a problem - Common reaction: not anybody’s business - Sexual harassment not a concept - BEEN SUBSTANAL CHANGE OF GENDER OVER DECADES, POSITION OF WOMEN TO MEN HAS CHANGED - B) evidence of change over time - Clothing styles - Now more comfortable - Models now much thinner - Beauty expectations have changed - Education - Women getting more BA’s then men - Getting more education - BUT men and women still majoring in different fields - Example: less women than men in math and science fields - 1999 21% women in engineering, 2008% few than 17% - Employment - Majority of women in labour force to stay change for middle class - Not a change for women of colour, most African American women in labour force across their lives - More women in male dominate fields - SEX SEGRATION IN LABOUR FORCE LESS THAN IT USED TO BE - Still gender gap in earnings - Race/ class inequalities - Expectations about housework and childcare - Majority of women in labour force expect men to do their half/share of house work/ child care - BUT women still doing more, employ nannies (class/ race differences) - Sports - More women playing hockey - Funding for women and men sports - Women receive less funding and less coverage - Emotional display - Men can now cry in public - Boys still subject to constraints girls aren’t (b
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