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Lecture 1

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University of Toronto St. George
Bonnie Fox

Gender and Society Lecture 1 January 10, 2013 - The “Bad Old Days”- the 1950’s o Clothing styles- girdles, pointy toed heels, spiked curlers o Sexual expression- not OK for girls outside of marriage, birth control not available until 1960s, pregnancy was YOUR responsibility and the only option was to drop out of school, “bastard children” o Employment (sex segregation, ‘marriage bars’-not okay for married women to hold jobs, more for upper class, earning gaps)- secretary, assistant, nurse, teacher, telephone operator  Expected to stay home full time and working mothers were looked down upon because their children must be “latch key children”  Women made 60 cents to men’s dollar o Responsibility for housework and child care o Emotional display- men were expected not to display any sad or depressing emotion, sign of weakness, lots of pressure as breadwinner and even lead to early heart attacks o The meaning of violence against women- if a husband was hitting his wife other people saw it as “not their business”, sexual harassment between spouses did not exist, bosses sexual harassment of women workers - Evidence of change over time o Clothing styles- much looser now, unisex styles, larger range of what women can wear  Body image and expectations have gotten more severe though, MUCH THINNER models, etc o Education- women are getting more university degrees than men are and the gap between advanced degrees is narrowing, BUT program
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