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Bonnie Fox

SOC246 Lecture 3 Jan. 24, 2013 - Gender differences in individuals: are women and men ‘opposite sexes’? o A. Conceptualizing gender as individual difference: gender as a (stable) set of characteristics of the individual caused by socialization. Karin Martin: Teachers’ different treatment of preschool boys’ and girls’ behavior shapes how they use their bodies- and it influences their behavior (i.e. it socializes them)- also, parents’ involvement: dresses on the girls influence behavior, because they wore dresses the teachers then have to watch them more carefully because the dresses are more susceptible to wardrobe malfunction and thus they are pushed to be more constrained in how they use their bodies. Also the teachers are more likely to reprimand the girls if they misact with the teacher is teaching- the girls are expected to be more quiet and subdued more than the boys are, and the girls obey more than the boys do- girls are told to talk more quietly. Boys are incentivized to misbehave because when they are unruly and loud they will receive the attention they’re seeking but usually without the punishment because “boys will be boys”. The point is that boys are girls are being taught to use their bodies according with the hidden curriculum, girls being restrained more than boys. Gender is not only about behavior, but it’s about identity. Gender is also an idea- the idea of difference, gender discourse o ***“What do we mean by gendered body?” TEST QUESTION*** o B. Other meanings of gender  (1) Gender as the idea of difference- Barrie Thorne, Gender play: elementary school children playing with the idea of “the girls” vs. “the boys”, realized that she was only looking at the boys who were acting like boys and the girls who were acting like girls. So she started to look at the boys and girls who were not acting like the other kids of their gender.  Judith Lorber, “Believing is Seeing”: sports and the construction of girls/women as feminine, petite and graceful, boys/men as strong, muscular and fast. Gender identity is being developed through sports  Gender is salient at some times and not at others- it’s not always boys and girls being vs. each other, sometimes the boys and girls are just the students and the teacher is the “other” that they’re against.  (2) Gender as behavior induced by the context  Baby showers and getting ready for prom- contexts that bring out the girliness in you.  Patriarchy- idea of gender as an institution, which systemically slot us in specific gender roles and implies that women are inferior to men  Nuclear families in Canada tend to be organized around gender differences and rol
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