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Lecture 6

SOC265 Lecture 6

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Bonnie Fox

FEB 14, 2013 SOC265 Lecture 6: Patriarchy in Medieval Europe Test 1 after the break What a particular author is saying … their main arguments (according to ….) RECALL: Differences between males and females? - Biology: Females can reproduce babies o Are women naturally responsible for caring for children (handicapped during that time, therefore need males to support them?) o Are women depended on men?  The wild child: the biological element is essential  Robert: does testosterone cause behaviours? No  Women have babies in forging societies, they do not have single responsibility of the child, it is a community support  Baby slings came about through the African society (hunting and gathering with the baby, women remain productive)  Women do not depend on their spouses  Biological fact has in implication on the social fact  Naturally different therefore naturally unequal (inequalities) - Socialization produces different kinds of people o Social arrangements, dominance - Doing the Gender approach: not a stable characteristic trait/identity, something that we must continue to do (unconsciously) o Cooper article: not conventionally males - Heterosexual families (traditional, ideal) - Neither sex have power over each other, living in a small community, hunting and gathering o Women gather (more stable work, 70%), men hunt (skill and luck) o Nomadic the ability to move when there was no resources o Cooperation and sharing throughout the community (everyone was depended on everyone) community based o Cross gender society (men could live as women) o Cooperation for survival (life or death), talked until there was a consensus “Life in the Late Middle Ages” in Europe (12 to 15 centuries) – Claudia Opitz - kinship structure, agriculture (working from morning to night), more children to help with the farm - the exchange of women in marriage: inequality o women grew the bulk of the food product/gardening in society 1. Married women’s lega
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