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Lecture 9

SOC265 Lecture 9

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University of Toronto St. George
Bonnie Fox

MARCH 14 TH 2013 SOC265 Lecture 9 Parenthood Gender as ideas / socially constructed: The idea of home The idealized notion of motherhood (1800s) - Children are becoming to seen as innocent and precious (have to turn them into civilized people) - Women’s prime role in life, seen as socially essential work The notion of separate spheres - Women and men are different I. Reflecting on “Killing Us Softly 4” by Jean Kilbourne; & Susan Bordo’s argument on the ads’ messages as a “gender ideology” a. “Appearance is what matters” b. Emotional energy and time are consumed c. The emphasis on thinness “cutting girls down to size” d. Food as something you should indulge in, you should curve your appetite, your desires e. Women’s are becoming increasingly thinner (men should be powerful, women should be invisible) f. Sexuality and violence II. Thinking of Gender Structurally: families and workplaces are organized around gender divisions and the assumption of gender difference*** a. Gender is systemically built into families, and workplaces b. There is a division of labour and division in the labourforce c. Patriarchy: III. Parenthood: A Gender-Producing Experience, in that it typically increases the division of work and responsibility based on gender in heterosexual couples a) Women can have babies and men cannot is not a gender inequality b) The fact that you have children does not mean that you are help full responsibilities c) They become more conventional Over 40% of Canadian couples were going conventional activities 10.5% men doing full time work, women working part tme Remarkable gender asymmetry: there is gender inequality Bargaining power is lowered for the men Women have been cutting down paid work Over 64% of women with children are employed (they change their work due to children) Wage penalty: for every child a women has, her hourly earnings go down (measurably) Women’s income decline noticeably if they are divorced Women who feels
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