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TH1 SOC265H1 WEEK1IntroductionJan 10 2013I Considering Gender Differences Over Time A The Bad Old Days1950s 1 Clothing stylesWomens clothes were generally uncomfortableEg heels with pointed toes big hair corsetgirdlingmiddle class women mainly 2 Sexual expressionNot okay for girls outside marriageRisk Cross the line ruin the reputation risk the pregnancy if girls were sexually active before marriageContraception is womens responsibilityPregnantout of school send away to have the baby and taken away 3 Employment sex segregation marriage bars earning gapJobs were advertise for either men or womenWomen secretary nurse teachers factoriesJobs were different for men and womenjob segregationTeachingcommon middle class white job but women would quit when marriedFactory workers did not face the marriage barWomen and men married young usually in teenage ageWomen took husbands nameHave children right away and stay home full timeLatch key childrenleft alone at home because their moms were at work and they eventually became juvenile delinquenciesnasty talk about women in the labour forceMen tended to have early heart attack due to the pressure for rising a family 4 Responsibility for housework and child care 5 Emotional displayMen were expected not display certain emotion in public like cryingMiddle class white men especially 6 The meaning of violence against womenNot seen as a problemThe common reaction was not anyone elses businessSexual harassment is not a conceptconsidered as funny or flirting 7 Media imagesPosition of women relative to men has changed
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