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Body and the reproduction of femininity Susan BordoThe main thesis of The Body and Reproduction of Femininity is that the body is as much a result of culture as it is a result of genesthe body particularly the female body is a medium for culture in which the current culture of the society can reflect itself The main arguments for this were focused on how the view of the womans body has changed to reflect societal norms in America over the past many decades focusing mainly on rises and falls of hysteria anorexia and agoraphobia in women over this time periodBordo argues that depending on the viewpoint of women at the time the neurosis experienced by women will change to reflect it For example in the Victorian era women were supposed to be frail and faint of heart prone to fainting and getting overworkedand during that time hysteria became prominent in many women And during the era of the housewife agoraphobia became presentand during the age of slimmer and slimmer bodies AnorexiaSocial constructions of gender reflect in the people and how many people will view this as a reason for the social constructions confusing which is the cause and which is the effectReconstructing Feminist Discourse on the Body The concept of bodya medium of cultureThe body is more than a text of culture According to Bourdieu and Foucault it is a practical direct locus of social controlAn effective political discourse expectedThe Concept of body Body as a medium of cultureBourdieu culture as a made body can be converted into automatic habitual activityFoucault the primacy of practice over belief is not chiefly through ideology but through the organization and regulation of the time space and movements of our d
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