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SOC281: Types of Boundaries -Each groups of inequality have subgroups within the greater group - Weden and Brusky – There are no more classes anymore just occupational groupings - there is an extent that inequality is more serve and therefore it is harder for individuals to move between these boundaries  Vimer and Lamae –  Symbolic boundaries – are boundaries that we have in our head  Michelle Lama – refers to social stratification the exten to which members of a group have access to resources  Cultural Differentiation - members of a group share similar cultural repitoire that makes them distinct to their groups Status Groups - for labour there are 3 kinds of grouping for basis of power - class – collection of resources that you have that you can use to increase life chances eg. property - parties – volunatary associations that seek benefits for their members go after polical power in the pursuit of resources - status groups – recognized by group members and outsiders and have a level of honour in the society - occupation is a status groups – socioeconomic units that are status groups Status groups relates to symbolic boundaries have strong boundaries – you either are or are not part of specific ethnic or religious groups Status groups have a high degree of social closure - if status groups has a quality of life that it members should have this relates to cultural notions - Bourdieu on classes – many of the elements discussed show up in Bourdieus analysis Symbolic Boundaries - Age, gender, occupation, class - these are important to peoples identities which means that they are formed based on status groups Within society people tend to live and work together so that each kids stays with children their own age – created age / grade system - A definintion of senior or elder is retirement – WHO RETIRES EARLIEST? - wealthier people retire later even though they have the means to retire early - poorer people retire early because they are doing jobs that they hate so they want to get out of there as fast as they can Women are … -getting better job than men - getting the same jobs as men - women are making more
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