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Oct 4th lecture notes

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thSOC301H1FLecture October 4 2011Described two types of inequalityDistribution and relational At the time land was the only resource of the time Caste Systems Direct command over someones labour In the caste system we look at another form of inequality which has to do with social closure and social exclusion How did these inequality structures lastThere are lots of theories of how caste systems India Japan Ancient Rome Greece and Europeall systems that are based on closure and exclusiono Give people a sense of inferiority we dont know the origins of caste but they are very complex and started fairly early basic structure we have 4 regular casteso brawnins at the top and 3 under neath ito the second caste was a warrior third of crafts and the fourth and mostly people with severial class and their was the fifth castethe untoucheableso Untouchable today known as valigians sp o In caste systems it did not go along with wealth and land it is mostly distinctions of what you can and cannot doo Basic distinction occurs on the groups of o Caste memebers especially the top 2 and 3 with 4 and 5The top classclear
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