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lecture notes nov 29

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SOC301LectureNov 29 2011Classical Theories of Inequality Similarities and ContradictionsMarx ContinuedTogether w Darwinmost influential thinkers of 19th centuryDarwin did not want to get involved in the political debates bc he had dethroned God as creatorMarx on the other hand also in London lived in miserable circumstancesMarx took from Darwin that society developed through history and it had specific histoircal beginnings much like species evolvedTheir framework was the sameThey also dethroned prevailing ideas of their timeDarwin God Marx CapitalismMarx starts out w human beings constituting themselves by their labourIndividuals appropriated nature for themselvesHBs could imagine plan of what the uses could be of their labourAn ability that animals did not possessLed to the emergence of Marxs Species BeingConsciousness drives this processFor Marx it is an individual process but also a social processFirstly Social component Labour always builds on something already there pastWe use ideas thoughts in later stages of cultural evolution that other people have doneWhat we do never really starts from scratchFor the most part it consists of social products from another timeThis connection to the past makes all labour socialSecondly it is social bc you always have to rely on the cooperation of other to accomplish your goal presentNot just a Utilitarian concept but a realityAlso what we do now shapes what will happen to future generations down the road futureIn early societies everyone was spending their time devoted to subsistenceHad access to detailed anthro studies These early societies seemed to be egalitarian and little to no inequality but their technology was primitiveThis picture he developed was inaccurateProf says their level of technologyeducation was more advancedsophisticated than Marx thoughtThese societies were not spending all of their time on subsistence and had a lot of free time socializing other activitiesWhat this means is that equality had existedand the indication Marx took was that it could be restoredCommunism existed in the pastHis communist society that existed in the past meant it could come about againCrucial point for Marx was where the constant improvement of technology societies produce more than they need for subsistenceWhere we see the emergence of surplus
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