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3 forms of authorityRational legal authoritysomething Ive been told to dobased on my recognition that this was the result of rational reason there was a bureaucracy in which this had decided on itInterest on the side of the proletarian can be weakened and set aside for a while marx believed they would be turned to their understandingPlato etc all argue with the thought of Marx on Capitalist and proletariansthey argue that it is more complicated than that people do not just respond to their position they are set in Weber argues that Depends on your occupationalgroup and how you see your position you can perceive your position as satisfying WeberCorresponding diff of views and reactions that people find themselves in Weber stressed that for many people now the class interest is now associations with different thobjectives which we found in the beginning of the 20 centuryskilled workers and nonskilled workers for example they very often come together and form associationsbased on common identitiesweber stressed this An association can happen around an associationprofessional associations tend to be homogeneous Occupational diversity goes hand and hand with psychological diversityall of this is argued with marx in the backgroundhe says it also entails class differences Associations can unite STAND translated as state or statusweber refers to this and means by it that we now find that just as organizational power can consolidate for this particular associations associate these things with honorsthey distinguish themselves from others Webers observation in his time was actually relevant to his time and ourshe says that it becomes popularizedit becomes available to everybodyinto a group that sees themselves as a carrier for a particular type of skillsthe grows of associationWeber adds to this factual development a cautionary notewhile buracreacy are dispensable tools of modern government they can also become self serving to become as a monopoly and further its own purposehe states this might happen increasinglygoes hand in hand with abuse of status He points out the fascination of honor of ones association can become an arrogant distaining attitude Subjective association with honour especially when associated with administrative powerThe question of who occupies these positions is a center question we have to deal with when we look at social inequalitynote on board 4 big issues Structural problems leadership cooperation and old fashion ideologynot sure if it is from this class What parallels can we see in these worldsthe process is progressive for Neither are opposed to administration and organization of power butt they point that power and inequality can establish itself so the best are not in powerie in 1958a guy in England published a book that became known as parkinsons lawthis law showed that in british coloial office it seemed to grow invesly proportional to the colonies that
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