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thSOC301 September 20 2011 How to distribute amongstlisten to tapeTheorieso Tell us what question to ask about the worldthey tell us what data to collecto There are like maps we have no maps that are complete and show everythingbecause it would have too much detailwe cannot hope to get a complete map of everything but we can strive to find a map that is correct from the right point of view that we look ato They can also lead us down a wrong alley by obscuring our view What inequality actually is o See a lot which we would not really want to exclude in a discuss of inequality ie difference in height or skin colourthings that are different that we inherit that dont start off as inequalities but may become inequalitiesWe can show how these differences can become disadvantages and inequalities but by themselves they are not inequalities unless part of some greater systemo First CriteriaWe have to talk about systems of interrelatednesssystems that bind people together in some way there is some give and take where some people get and others donto Second criteriawhat is at stake What is being distributed o Some things are a matter of choice ie where you choose to live can be
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