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Nov 22nd note

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ndSOC301November 22 2011Spencers view of historyo Suggested that survival of the fittest was a nasty process but balanced out by natural selectiono Idea that the culture of the elite would trickle down and improve the lower classes as well Baechre oprobably didnt take much from Darwin he rejected key elements of spencers argument such as the fact that society would balance out itselfo Interest in the higher class is their autonomy and nature to be cruelthese things constituted the upper class o Its not the issue of Utility they dont consider whether what they are doing is useful to anyone elseo He looks at the underclass and says that in response to the actions of the dominantelite class the lower class responds with resentment that expresses itself as them seeing themselves as victims and at the same time there is also claims for greater equality o The lower class envy these individuals Jews resent the domination and then calling themselves the chosen people the Heroes of early Greek history being criticized by aristocratic democracyFeblenspo Doesnt fit into the traditional theoristo Wrote the theory of the leisure class o Concentrates of both side of the hierarchyo He imagines an early society free of inequality he uses this as a foil that suggests that in a society like this people work because they enjoy they workthey work cuz it supplies their existence but they also enjoys ito Suggests ideally we work because we enjoy it and enjoy what we contribute to our and other peoples satisfactiono Argues there begins to start a splitthat split marks the wearing off of the leisure class says it comes by by opportunity not necessityo He identifies costumes and practice that facilitate class divisions itone is the Predation and Huntpart of society that leads to a distinction of different tyes of workagriculture done by different peopley making captives of war etc o out of theses set of opportunitieswe explore distinct and more honourable type f works this doesnt have to happen but he says this distinction provides an opportunity for these types of class Gender differencesis another set of opportunities he was one of the first to say the low regard of women work Womens work is not likely to give rise to a sense of distinction and honour seems to be taken for granted
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