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Lecture 1 Jan 16th 2012 SOC302 Professor Lee
Lecture 1 Jan 16th 2012 SOC302 Professor Lee

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University of Toronto St. George
Tara Lee

What is FieldworkThere is a problem with writing field notes because you bring into it your own views the researcher bias will definitely be thereRobert Emerson wrote mostly how to write field notes manuals of ethnography Interesting sociologistIt wasnt always about participant observation ethnography has evolved in time It was delegated by colonial powers to collect information about a group of people Over time participant observation became used The Reflexive Turn 1 Limits of detachment o Skepticism of previous methodshow can you study a group but be detached from them There are certain things you can only really understand if you are present You must be the research instrument tie in with ideas from the Chicago school 2 Complexities of observation o Subjective interpretations matterthe world is not just this objective thing that you can see correctly once you spend enough time the world is changed by our own gazes and interpretations Our subjective view of the world is inevitable our experiences change our view This idea however is a relatively new one anth
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