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Lecture 1

SOC303H1 Lecture 1: SOC313 LECTURE ONE

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University of Toronto St. George
Steven Hayle

SOC313 LECTURE ONE INTRODUCTION Washrooms- you go in and expect to see toilets in Canada, in USA where you call it a restroom you can be confident to see a toilet similar to this. If you fly over to London, it’s called toilet, and the toilet looks slightly different. Then if you fly to Germany, it is different. If you hop to France, it is more different, there is 2. We can imagine that if a simple concept can be so complicated, how complicated a concept in Social Control can be. COARSE GOALS Term paper: an activity where it maybe legal and illegal in another country. You want to compare the two compare as to why it is legal or why it is illegal. One has to be Canada however. A simple example having firearm in USA is legal while Canada is illegal. We can look at politics, culture, history, society, economics, language, social structure can help us explain these differences. This is what will make the paper original argument. One of the goals that you are able to produce something that can be publishable in an undergraduate journal. The term paper proposal will get people thinking, you want to find a topic you are confident that has a lot of research. Provide as MUCH information about the LAW to demonstrate that it is something different. Can even get personal and talk about challenges and beingclear onhowit mayimposea challengeand strategies to overcome them. EXAM. Last year second question--with the new Trudeau government, they may promise to legalize marijuana, do you believe there is a political opportunity to do it? APPROACHES TO STUDYING DEVIANCE OBJECTIVIVIST PERSPECTIVE Violation of Pre-existing and concrete societal norms. It is the idea that societal norms, customs, beliefs, values of what is right or wrong, are external to the individual- they are real. And t
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