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Lecture 5

SOC303H1 Lecture 5: SOC313 LECTURE 5

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University of Toronto St. George
Steven Hayle

SOC313 LECTURE 5 FEBRUARY 2, 2016 FRANCE BURKA BAN Panda in a zoo, and they wanted to cheer it up in the Tonight Show- the hashtag was to go to a flight over Paris- it is a criminal behaviour Act prohibiting the concealment of face in the public space, France is one step further with a complete ban which can be a religious discrimination-- masks, burkas, etc. POLICE Modern specialised body of people who carry out much of the law enforcement functions in today’s societies. They are different in specific places. In countries, such as Nigeria, there is a separate police force that is particular for enforcing religious laws and norms. In Saudi Arabia the Arabia police that enforce beyond laws- norms, thoughts, beliefs. POLICING The attempt to main security through surveillance and the threat of sanction- there is a difference between policing and the police, law enforcement officers can carry this and can be wider— policing and police are two different things, not only do police officers carry policing functions, they can be carried out by non-police officers, such as formal controls and informal controls, Sam Spain a private investigator preforms the policing function, all of us in one way play a role in it. POLICE NUMBERS Most policed country Monaco Least policed country Mali There is very little statistical difference in relation to numbers, and it is expensive research to do. SOCIAL STRUCTURE Patternedsocialarrangementsinsocietythatarebothemergentfromanddeterminantoftheactions of the individuals. Family Religion Law Economy Class Culture Geography Social and political institutions DIFFERENT STRUCTURRES OF POLICE Centralised Single Systems---- One national police force (Nigeria) and is responsible for enforcing a single set of laws throughout the entire country Decentralised Single Systems --- Single police force under decentralised command (Japan)—not in command of one body or place Centralised Multiple Coordinated System--- multiple police forces across the country, however they take orders from national government and pursue the same goal (England and Wales, France) Decentralised Multiple Coordinated Systems- Several police forces under the command of different government levels (i.e. Canada), National RCMP, then Municipal police forces Toronto police, and regional ones such as Waterloo Regional, Provincial such as the OPP. All pursue the same goal Centralised Multiple Uncoordinated Systems- Several independent police forces that are all administered by the national government (Italy), each force pursue difference goals Decentralised Multiple Uncoordinated Systems- several independent police forces administered by different governments, each pursuing different goals. USA could fit this. KOBAN Small police station you can go to, and there would be one or two police officers there. A two storied house with a couple of rooms, with one to more than ten police officers. Earliest Koban built back in 1874. Functions carried by police in koban include Maps and Directions Lost and Found Crime Reports Emergency Services Makes us question if we are reaching the community policing that places like Japan are. Is there more that police can be doing here? We might accept that the community policing has been so long ago, but when the koban was originallybuilt, theyhad a different function, this was a network to establish state police that attempted to widen. Japan has changed significantly and the way policing was carried went through a shift—the boxes of kobans maintained. NYPD_ Zero Tolerance Policing Broken Windows Metaphor- If just one window is left unpaired it sen
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