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Robb Travers

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Soc309 - Sociology of Aids
May 17th, 2011
Office hours : By appointment
Lecture 1
ABC - harm reduction polocy, stands for Abstain, Be faithful and Condomize
-Under bush, teachers who wanted to teach about HIV the must use this approach
-Under obama the guidelines disapeared and people were able to more freely teach about it
Harm reduction - still partaking in the activity but taking percautions to reduce harm
- ie. still taking exctacy but drinking lots of water
Louise Binder(2006) said at a conference - where there is power there is low infection rate , where there is
a lack of power there is high infection rates***
- not a desiese that effects us equally
- shows patterns of inequality
-Reactions to aids is different between US and Canada , and thus we have (in canada) lower rates
"Smart girls wear condoms" - blames it on women who contract the desease
- uses demoralizing methods to get people to do something
- ie quitting smoking - higher rates amongst white, middle class and men , people who are
less effected by it to begin with
-Cancer - fits in the same category, and generally effects people under the poverty line (since these are the
people who are more likely to smoke)
-Aids is a desease that is a social injustice and inequality
- the history of AIDS is tarnished by hatred of people who are different