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Early Crisis and Moral Panic 1980s

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Robb Travers

Soc309 Lecture 3 Early Crisis, Moral Panic: The 1980s May 24 , 2011 Public reactions - This emerged when Regan was president in the united states - A time when human rights, (there was alot of discourse, particularly homosexualities) it was just removed from the DSM which meant it was no longer a mental disability - In Canada first country outside of Europe to decriminalize homosexuality o Pierre trudeau the state has no business in the bedrooms - A Desease that first strikes gay men - Affected gay men, heroine users and patients, and sex offenders o Alot of people who already suffered through stigma and public reactions o Transmitted through sexual interaction and needles - Very stigmatized illness that sets off panic, since it attacks the body and works fast - Aids brought people out of the closet quickly because it was usually amongst them 1987 Video on Oprah The aids epidemic - Young man with aids moved to a small town in America - No public health in America thus so when people get sick they move back to their home town - The strong reaction against homosexual men o They didnt like their life style and thought it was a gay mans desease - There was fear of families being harmed - Fears o People looking for absolute garuntees and asurence o Physicians cant garuntee it because
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