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Age of Aids

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Robb Travers

Soc309 Lecture 4 May 26, 2011 The Age of Aids Documentary released in 2006 *do not test on numbers* Aids is a protein coated mass - multiplies after infections and destroys the carriers immune system Two doctors LA jan 1981 - first encountered aids from a young gay man - pneumocystis pneumonia was shown in these men and usually only occurs ini an immune deficiency o wasnt making sense why it was occurring in people who were supposed to be young and healthy o first cases were not treatable First official publication was in MMWR thought it was a new thing Other doctors saw young men with rare cancers and diseases where the weak immune system was taken advantage of - in advance cases it would attack the brain and cause patients to die of dementia the way 80 year olds would This was more common in areas with a high gay community - people who were diagnosed were mostly people with a partying lifestyle o people who do drugs and people who were out for a decade ish in the gay community In south florida they found AIDS appeared in both men and women Appeared in France French doctor encountered a gay man - it also appeared in 3 women and one portagese man with 3 children that claims he had no homosexual realations
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