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Aids and Neoliberalism - A new moral Panic

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Robb Travers

Soc309 Lecture 5 May 31, 2011 AIDS and Neoliberalism : A New Moral Panic Film last class - Identification of risks group earlier on it basically said this was someone elses disease o Not everyone was at risk o Sense of individual responsibility was heightened because the people most effected was people that the general public did not care about - There are some cases in the 1950s in asia which now tested HIV positive o However it did not trigger an immune response as it does now Virus evolved over time - The pope (john paul the second) said no condoms which caused unnecessary death Health- Is a very political thing Neoliberalism - Individual behaviours account for health of the general population o Which is far from the case - Health is a complicated matter o Is not as simple as what we do or eat o It has alot to do with the social context - Movement of how we rethink the responsibilities of health o We think its an individual thing o Assumption of those things is not ALL health is dependant on Moralistic message
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