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Social Determinant of Health

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Robb Travers

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Lecture 6
June 2, 2011
Social Determinants of Health (part 1)
- Multiple choice and some true false
- includes all lectures to date, film, reader 1 149
- Downloadable activities
Study tip read first sentence and last sentence of every paragraph before reading the entire article
-Every paragraph , what are the 2 or 3 key things in the paragraph, jot down in margin
Social Determinants of health
-Aids mirrors like all diseases that related to the social inequalities of health
-There are clear patterns of who acquires HIV
oGroups of people who are more affected by HIV is people who also experience social
Ie US, the African American experience HIV
oBeing poor doenst get u HIV, but it increases the probability of taking a path that leads there
-Health Promotion
oBusiness of governments have to help and improve the health of the population as a whole
oHealth promoters give information and allows people to make the decision on their own

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1986 – Ottawa charter
Policy documents for the first time looks at other factors that affect health
oIe , peace, clean cities,
People pay tax - > federal -> -> provincial->OHIP
Cities -> ministries of health -> pays for promotion that isnt paid for by
drug companies
oPrerequisites of health
A stable eco system
Sustainable resources
Social justice and equity
oProcess of enableing people to increase control and to improve their health
oto reach a state of complete physical mental and social well being an individual or group rest
on slide
-Holy trinity of risks
oModern public health movement focuses on excercise , diet , and actions
-In health promotion
oFocus on empowerment
oFocus on personal agency
oFocus on reducing lifestyle risk behaviours

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-20 years after the Ottawa charter
oSocial determinants of health
Poverty is the number one and makes people ill
Definition: social determinants of health are the economic and social conditions that
influence the health of individuals communities and jurisdictions as a whole
SDOH are about the quantity and quality of variety of resources that a society makes
available to its members
Link to social health
How does a person process physical , social and personal resources
Determine how people cope
Ie in US , if white women are pressured by a social experience they
experience Axiety but if women of colour esp. Black women, it makes them
physically ill
In a society where there is racism
oHealth is at a disadvantage due to being the disadvantaged race
oSame goes for poverty (being poor there is a disadvantage)
oCocaroahc feces brings out asma in kids and people are born into
that environment are disadvantages
-Social determinants of health
oList from article
oIncome and distribution
Gap between rich and poor that makes people ill
Its not people being poor
Its people being poor in a wealthy society
In the UK there was a studu
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