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SOC309Y1 Lecture Notes - Harm Reduction, Hydromorphone, Paracetamol

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Robb Travers

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Lecture 10 Harm reduction and HIV prevention
Carol Strike
-Professer at the Dalla Lana school of Public Health
-Done research for 10 years
-Senior scientist of public health researcher
-Interested in people who use street based drugs
Cost of substance use in CANADA
-Most cost related to substance use is around alcohol and tobacco
oMost people have smoked cannabis
oBut most people is related to aclohal and tobacco
oSmall population is related to illegal drugs
Cost associated with illegal drugs is high
Large size of enforcement budget
Effects of drugs
-Type of drug used
oDifferent effects
-And how it is administered
Inhail or smoke
Inject vein under skin / muscle
-Speed of absorption in the body

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oSwallowing is slower
-Where in the body the drug is distributed
-How quilky it is metabolized
-duration of high
oIs determined by all of the above
oShorter duration drug (ie cocain) intense but short
Use more frequently
oSmoking quick absorption longer duration
oLonger duration less frequent use
Cocain , crack and stimulants
oIncrease alertness
oCreates deep sense of euphoria
oElevated self confidence and sense of mastery
oRapid flight of ideas
oTwitching seizures headaches, stroke
oWhite chrystalline powder that is easily desolved in water
-Crack cocain
oBase form of cocain- retains solvents used in its manufacture
-Snorted sniffed absorved inheald smoked or inject

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-Another class of drugs
-Olden days used to be heroin
-Now a days its persription medicine
-Morpine, dilaudid , oxycontin, Percocet
-Replacement drugs- methadone
oSuppresses pain, mental clouding, heightenind feeling of wellness, relaxation, drowsiness
-Smoked inhailed trandermal injected
Substance use, abuse and addiction
-Most consume at leaset once in lifetime
-Substance use embedded within processes
oDetermine its initiation and continuation
oBiological (eg genes cognition)
oPsychological (eg emotions peers and family relationships
oCultural historical (eg normas and values)
oSocial structural (eg class gender labour force education)
-Similar processes influence
-Some places its completly criminal
oSame substance however understanding of it varies depending on where u are in the world
-Some people never develop an addiction
o31.9% tobacco
o23.1% heroin
o11.2% other stimulants
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