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Robb Travers

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Lecture 9 – Harm reduction policy and Prisoner rights in Ontario Correctional institutions
June 16, 2011
Mooky cherian (PASAN)
-He remembered image from news, of guy in handcuffs with paper bag over his head
-Guy was HIV positive and was threatening to spit on cops hence the paper bag
-Prison is a whole other world (feels like we are back in that time)
oPeople will wonder if they have HIV if they got spit on
-Harm reduction agency (work is so much more then just HIV)
-Based in dt Toronto
-Work in mainly adult programs but also has a youth program as well
-Provide support and eductation for prisoners and ex prisoners
-Its hard to deal with just HIV without dealing with Hepatitus C
-Someone dependant on health care inside, stigma inside prison is alot
oIn prison they still have the right to health care
oPrison is about correction and rehabilitation
-Transitional support
-Look at prison conditions and how it impacts personal health
oNot only physical healt but psychological health .. etc
Provincial jail system
-Jail, correctional center

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-Everyone starts off in provincial jail regardless of where one is going to end up
-Large range of people whos there at the same time
oMixed bag of people (brick through window or person that killed 5 people)
-Some people do time in provincial (when they only are doing less then 2 years)
-Higher security level, less movement between institutions
oLess access to visits and such
oHealth care is hard to access
oGet treated in a harder way because theres such a large range of people
-Cant wear own close women wear green
-No shoes with laces
-super jails closing down the smaller buckets (jails) that serve for municipal needs
oBuilding much larger scale institutions, same amount of staff
oOver reliance on security cameras
o2 that exsists and building 2 more
Federal Pentensery system
-Some in Kingston , womens one in kitchener
-Variance in security level there
oA women sentenced pent
Time to get sentenced 3 9 months
History of being non compliant
Charge (nature)
-Want to be in lower security level
oNo one starts at minimum they must work down by doing good time

Only pages 1-3 are available for preview. Some parts have been intentionally blurred.

oThese are called camps, theres no fences, people who are put there arent at flight risk there are
alot fo trust
oLevels could include mid and two maximums
HIV provincial 2%
HIV federal 4% men , 7% women
Hep C 1 in 5
Two high risk attivities that infect Hep C
-Tattooing – pententiary makes amazing tattoo gun
oIllegal in prison system
oNot starilized properly
oReusing inc
Peirce with pick combs
-Shareing needles
oHappens alot in penitentiary
HIV risk
-Sex in general (unprotected anal sex)
-Sharing needles
-People are disproportionally represented inside
-People who have been in some form of custody (foster) since their teens
oPeople are used to this type of system
oGrew up with dad in jail or sister was in and own
oThese people are more vulnerable to incarseration
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